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43″ HD TV Mounted at your counter or in your showroom.


Distributor Marketing’s Digital Signage provides you with a powerful new way to energize your counter sales, and maximize showroom selling opportunities. We combine valuable information about your company, its products and services with a visually stimulating media that captures your customer’s attention, helping you increase sales and profits.

Top 3 Reasons To Put Digital Signage To Work For You

  1. Your customers aren’t just looking for products, they’re looking for information. Distributor Marketing’s Digital Signage program tells your customers MORE about the products you wish you sold more of, and WHY they should buy them from YOU, right at the point of sale. You get the right message across, every time, about your services, promotions, people, and upcoming events.
  2. Digital Signage Gets You Noticed. Over 70% of your customers will tell you that digital signage catches their attention. That’s 3 x more than traditional in-store signage. Your counter and showroom customers see a steady stream of compelling information about you, your products and services, and why you should be their #1 source.
  3. Count on The Pros Who Really Know Your Business. Researchers know that our brain processes visual images 60,000 faster than text. That’s why we go the extra mile to combine just the right stimulating content with cross selling messages that work. Because we know your business, we take the guess work out of developing awesome programming that gets results. Our turn-key program is hassle free. Put our industry best expertise to work for you, and get busy gaining a greater share of your customer’s business.


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Digital Signage is a Better Way to Increase Your Sales.

To maximize EVERY sales opportunity, your customer needs to know about your:

  • Services
  • Employees
  • Promotions
  • New Products
  • Special Pricing
  • Upcoming Events
  • Value

Digital Signage is like hiring a full time sales person who ALWAYS gets the job done.

Our Turn-Key Program is Hassle-Free

  • Starts with a consultation that matches the right equipment and software to your unique needs.
  • Program content is designed, managed, and kept fresh.
  • Our professional installers, arrive on time at your site, ready to go. Set up includes equipment prep, installation of displays and mounting hardware, all hook up.
  • Each Digital Signage Display is wired for secure and safe connection to power and your network connections. We make sure that all equipment is running to your satisfaction before we leave.
  • Standard Digital Signage package features a 43” LED HD Commercial Grade Display. Each display carries a 2 year warranty and is engineered for continuous use. Package also includes digital signage computer, software and all updates.
  • We put our industry best experience to work to create dynamic content and keep it fresh.
  • We also help with Co-Op advertising. Let us show you how.

For more information or a free demo. Email Us.