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2022 Marketing Campaign

For over ninety-five years, Heider & Bott has proudly served our community of trade professionals and consumers with the finest products and services.  We believe that success comes through the extra effort our team puts in to everything we do.  We also know that our customers depend on us for not only great products and exceptional service, but also for the information they need to stay on top.

In 2018, we launched our digital signage program for our counter.  This exciting addition to our marketing program has quickly become “must see” viewing for our customers.  They’re greeted with a steady stream of valuable product information, video ads, tech tips, promotional information, as well as valuable cross-selling information, right at the counter. To date, this dynamic advertising program has helped us to reach thousands of counter customers, in a new and exciting way.  For 2022, our goal is to make our digital signage program even better, with increased participation by our key vendors.  That’s where you come in.    Imagine our counter customers; every day, watching videos, how-to tech tips, and other content about YOUR products.  Participating is easy and affordable.

To manage our digital signage program, we’ve teamed with Distributor Marketing Management, a company with a 25 year track record of marketing and digital media success.

Complete the form below to participate. Please respond by June 30th, 2022.

Why Digital Signage Works...

Your information gets noticed

Research confirms that 70% of customers admit that they notice digital signage, that’s 3 x more than traditional in-store signage.

Your message will hit the target – and be seen by trade customer who use your product

Video tech tips take the fear our of asking questions + will drive sales at the sales counter

There’s never been a better or faster way to get information out about your new products

Digital signage delivers a targeted audience for your products, at the counter to boost sales


    • 200 digital advertising spots played each month at Heider & Bott Counter location
    • Category exclusive digital signage advertisement placement
    • Preferred placement of video and tech tip advertising content
    • Preferred digital signage ad placement in primary screen with cross-selling and promotional messages
    • A limited number of Preferred Partner Level spots remain, so space is limited

    • 120 digital advertising spots, played each month at Heider & Bott counter location
    • Includes placement in secondary screen with cross-selling messages
    • Secondary digital signage advertisement

    • Up to 75 digital advertising spots, played at Heider & Bott counter location
    • Limited secondary screen placement

    • As a participating advertiser, you’ll have access to proof of performance, content description, and digital signage network broadcast frequency. If you have any questions or comments, just call us or email.
    • Digital signage is a great way to feature information about your new products and emerging technologies. Even if you don’t have existing video content, we’ll work with you to create content that works and will maximize your investment.
    • Questions, call Distributor Marketing at (440) 219-0038 and ask for Rita George.
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